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Trash Removal San Diego

Trash Removal San Diego, Junk Removal
We are the trash removal experts!  If your moving or clearing out a storage area we can assist you in the removal and disposal of all types of trash.

We recycle much of the trash such as cardboard and paper but we DO NOT offer secure destruction of documents such as shredding.

Who Uses or Trash Removal Service?

  • Storage Unit Business Refer Us
  • Offices and Retail Stores
  • Schools and Churches
  • Property Managers and Realtor’s
  • Apartment Complex Mangers
  • Home Owners Associations
Trash Pick Up, San Diego Trash Hauling

Moving in or out of a home or office generated lots of trash. Cardboard boxes, packing paper and all the stuff that you just figured out that you can do without.

Moving is hard enough and the final stage of getting rid of the trash can be easy if you call Fred’s Junk Removal. We offer great trash hauling rates so your move will not become too expensive. Here’s our most common moving trash requests:

  • We Haul Away Cardboard Boxes And Packaging
  • Haul Away Unwanted Furniture
  • Remove BBQ’s and Patio Furniture
  • Haul Away Garage Junk
  • Haul Away Potted Plants and Yard Trash
Trash Disposal, San Diego Trash Removal

Trash Pick Up San Diego 

Not every garage has as much clutter and trash like this one we cleaned out . Most garages have just enough junk and trash to make parking the car difficult or impossible.

Most garage clean outs fit into a 1/3 or 1/2 truck load – Check out our truck load price list.

Fred’s San Diego Junk and Trash Removal Service can quickly remove and haul away your garage junk and we will recycle as much of it as possible.

Often we use our garages to store items we no longer need but they are still usable and don’t belong in the trash. Fred’s Junk Removal has many resources available to find new homes for your unwanted garage items such as:

  • Older Appliances, Refrigerators
  • Television Sets
  • Furniture and Mattresses
  • Exercise Equipment, Treadmills
  • Toys and Children’s Furniture
  • Household Items and Knick Knacks
Trash Haul Away San Diego

Trash Removal San Diego

Did the prior tenets leave behind a big mess? Did you purchase a property that needs cleaning up?

When dealing with large trash removal jobs it is important to hire an experienced trash removal service that has the proper equipment and staff to get the job done right.

Fred’s Junk Removal is San Diego’s Trash Out Experts and has experience with trash removals that involve an entire property and can get the job done in a day or less.

  • Hoarding Clean Ups
  • Abandoned Furniture
  • Illegal Dump Site Clean Up
  • REO Trash Outs
  • Post Eviction Clean Up
  • Alley Clearing / Trash Removal

Our trash removal truck can safely haul up to 20 cubic yards of junk and trash and our truck load rates are the best value in San Diego.

Who Uses Our Trash Removal Service:

  • Realtor’s and Property Manager
  • Fraternities at SDSU
  • Banks and Property Investors
  • Apartment Complexes and HOA’s
Here is more information about the fees and load capacity for TRUCK LOADS


Load Size
Cubic Yards
1/3 Truck Load Of JunkAbout 7$99$148
1/2 Truck Load Of JunkAbout 10$148$222
2/3 Truck Load Of JunkAbout14$198$297
Full Truck Load Of JunkAbout 20$297$445