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Curbside Junk Removal

load mattress

Curbside Junk Removal Saves You Money!

Other junk removal services quote a fee for the removal of items you need hauled away regardless of where the items are or how much labor is required to remove and load them into their truck. This is known as Full Service Junk Removal.

Fred’s Junk Removal offers CURBSIDE REMOVAL that saves $10 – $100 off the ‘Full Service” price.

All you have to do is stage the items you want hauled away in one location in the driveway or garage area.

How Much Can You Save With Curbside Junk Removal?

  • Save $15 – $25 On Mattress Removal
  • Save $15 – $25 On Appliance Removal
  • Save $5 – $20 On Furniture Removal
  • Save $20 – $100 on Truck Loads Of Junk

For Example: If you have a couch and a queen size mattress that needs to be removed from indoors, first floor – The cost would be $100 but if you put them in your garage or driveway the cost would be only $70 – This Is A Savings Of $30.